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Pets Welcome (with well-behaved people 🙂

Pets must keep owners on leashes We have 26 miles of open beach  just down our dunes path for great walks and runs with 4-legged friends.   For dogs that have too much fun getting sandy,  we have an outside hot/cold shower hose available for pet baths!

KEEP  DOGS ON  LEASHES in the park and dunes trails

Do IMMEDIATE CLEAN UPS  every time !!


AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR and/or EXCESSIVE BARKING             is not tolerated.

Our ‘POTTY PARK” is THE PLACE TO GO for dogs…for the health, safety and enjoyment of all – limit your pets pottys to this picket fenced area ONLY.
Andersen's RV Fenced Dog Area


At Andersen’s we consider ourselves to be VERY dog friendly. Over the years, we’ve made some wonderful dog friends. So it is with regret that we find it necessary to limit the number of dogs to 3 per site.  We have seen an increase in folks traveling with 4, 5 or more dogs. That many dogs has a definite impact on the rigs next door…specifically, chained-up antics (territorial issues), barking (we regard barking from one dog as too much), and many more chances for the owners to miss cleaning up after their dogs.

We want everyone who comes to Andersen’s to have a pleasant stay.


We hope you don’t need them, but we do have wonderful veterinarians: Oceanside Animal Clinic, 38th & Pacific–Seaview. 360-642-2232

Our local no-kill Shelter welcomes you to play with their pets South Pacific County Humane Society, & Facebook 330 Second St NE in Long Beach; 360-642-1180